Accountants Professional Liability

Quality Professional Liability Insurance Exclusively for CPA Firms

The AICPA Professional Liability Program, underwritten by CNA, has been offering coverage to CPAs since 1967 and has been the endorsed provider of the AICPA Program since 1994. Whether you are a sole practitioner or own a regional CPA firm, these insurance plans allow you to tailor your firm’s coverage to your specific risk profile.

An accountant’s professional liability policy insures you and your accounting practice from clients or other third parties claiming that your professional services caused them financial harm. Quality professional liability insurance is a must, especially for CPAs. Professional liability insurance creates financial protection for you, your employees, and your business by providing a defense and paying damages in the event of a claim, and protects your firm’s reputation when it faces allegations of errors in your professional services.

CPAs require flexible insurance coverage for accounting services in this challenging environment. With increasing risks from new clients, changing business plans, and new laws and regulations, CPAs require professional liability insurance to provide coverage for claims arising from covered high-risk situations. In addition to insurance coverage, firms receive supportive claims handling and exclusive access to extensive risk management resources, including engagement letter templates.

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The AICPA Professional Liability Program provides professional liability for CPAs, tailored to your firm’s specific risk profile. Speak to a representative at USI Affinity today!

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